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Art Of Hair


Over Late Night Talk

For centuries, hair has been a powerful tool for people of African descent to unite and divide ethnic, cultural, religious, political, and socioeconomic groups. It’s an art form in itself. Many have copied an art form that gave different names and implemented it into the popular culture without deserving credits. This year, Alkebulan decided to reclaim it by celebrating all types of hair: long hair, short hair, braided hair, cornrows, the kinky, the dreadlocks, the curly, the coily, and even the covered up hair! Check out a selection of the images here.

By working with the multitalented photographer, Jazzmin Nilsson, the Citizens of Alkebulan festival became a platform to celebrate and highlight the diversity in hairstyles across the African continent, its diaspora, and beyond. Surrounded by nature, art, music, and spoken word, Jazzmin Nilsson captured the festival’s crowd and diverse hairstyles. Known for her love for bright colors and flora, the result is a beautiful portrait series titled The Art of Hair by Jazzmin Nilsson.

Concept developer

Jazzmin Nilsson


Jazzmin Nilsson

Executive Producer

Alkebulan productions

Marketing & Branding

Rudy Asibey
Naoual Mayrahkee