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In 2020 Rudy Asibey debuted with her first book IK HOOP. She dives into her past and combines it with current events to talk about growing up in the Netherlands as a dark skin black girl. As a child Rudy felt like she was alone growing up with racism embedded in her surroundings – at school, in books, in children and parents. But as she grew older she found like minded people.

While creating her book she talked to these people who work in and around the same industry and that turned into the podcast. Rudy tackles themes young women deal with while growing up. Love, youth trauma’s, self love or lack thereof and so much more. She asks her guests to explore their youth, bring back quotes from their diary, show pictures from that time to talk about fun and not so fun moments. This podcast is an outlet for women who have been silent or silenced for years about microaggressions at the office to suxual harassment. IK HOOP the podcast, is emotional but educational if you are open to listen.

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