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Alkebulan has been on the interwebs for some time now and in order to do what we do, which is changing the image of Africa, we need to be inspired! These are the people that inspire us daily with their awesomeness – in no particular order.



1. The Read podcast with Kid Fury & Crissle

If you are not familiar with these two individuals you are missing out on live my friend! Since our good friend Lizzy got us addicted to a episode of The Read, we can’t stop, won’t stop tuning in every Friday (for folks from the US Thursday) to listen to these people rant in the most coolest way ever.

#TheReadLive 📸 @xavierli1990

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2. Markusprimelives

This guy just makes every colored girl/woman/boy/man feel included into the artmosphere



3. Style of Arabia

Soumaya Douiri dedicated her digital platform to Arabic & North-African fashion and culture in a way no one else can!


4. Stephanie Afrifa

You need inspiration? You need a good uplifting or just great food for your brain to digest? She is your girl. Just follow her on all socials, but start with instagram please! GORGE!


5. The Curvynista

This girl loves food, sneakers and her cute lil’ baby boy. She instagrams these elements and puts a smile on our face every time she appears on our feed!

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6. Finding Paola
She got style, she got swag. She got everything and she got our lives in the palm of her hands with all of that #blackgirlmagic!



7. K.kwame
There is too much of incredible, breathtaking imageries going on on this feed from Kwame. We can’t! WE JUST CAN’T!

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8. Captainaoshima

The captain himself aka Abderrahmane, Daily Paper co-founder and designer of Daily Paper. Just a guy that you fall in love with easily!



9. Laetitialotthe

Our paris love <3! We met this girl in june and she stole our hearts. Start crushing on her too!

10. Arcanechad

Well, what can we say about this dude? Nothing. Chad doesn’t need an introduction. Just start reading…

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