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Last words of a Hero

This hero has left the world a beautiful message to live by. Just before passing. Last Tuesday, Ali Banat, a 32-year-old Muslim from Australia, died after being on the battlefield with cancer for years. Despite his young age, Banat was already a successful entrepreneur, who became a millionaire at a young age with a successful security company. He earned money like water, drove in very expensive cars, wore only pairs of Louis Vuitton shoes, and had a wristband valued at around 35,000 euros. Even though his diagnoses came as a shock, he didn’t see the last couple years of his life as annoying or horrible. Banat saw them as a gift. A gift to change his life and do something back for the community. He decided to donate all his money to charities and poor people.

In his last words he left the world an important message: “Fill your life with love and good deeds.”