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First inclusive Bookstore

I think it is save to say that diversity is necessary, especially in the Netherlands. Joan Windzak,

Founder of Educulture, couldn’t agree more. Her desire to connect education with culture (see what
she did there ;)) resulted in a bookstore that meets all of our needs. It is not just a bookstore though.
Educulture is a place where diversity is the center of all our attention! It’s a colorful place where you
can also buy dolls and gifts for special occasions, for example a baby shower.

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Joan really loves to contribute in the fact that children need to see themselves in the books they read
and the toys they play with. Also she really get gratification out of the personal contact with
customers, especially when they leave the store satisfied and inspired.
Her mission was to create a space where children and their parents can recognize themselves the
moment they set foot in the store. I personally can tell you that she accomplished that mission, but
you should go see for yourself!
On March 25 th Educulture has its official opening and you are more than welcome to celebrate the
growth of representation. From 12 till 17 you are invited to enjoying bites, drinks and of course all the amazing books and gifts available in the store.

Store is located on Eerste van Swindenstraat 20 in Amsterdam