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Frizzy hair representing a Forest negro?

The RTL program ‘Bubbels and Gloss’ made a big mistake when one of the presenters made a hurtful and unthoughtful comment. In the show, where hairdresser Mirande Bakker was a guest ‘frizzy hair’ was the controversial topic. Mirande claims to make frizzy hair of her customers ‘pretty’ slick and all frizz free. As she is explaining this, co-host and presenter Ad Peters added her explanation saying: “Yes, those people also want something different, you do not always want to walk around like a (translated) forest negro.” This comment brought on a lot of backlash. It’s just crazy that still in 2018 a television host can make such unthoughtful comments. Especially considering ‘Zwarte Piet’ has been controversy for years now. It’s amazing how the natural hair movement has grown over time, but unfortunately ignorant comments like this and especially from influencers are the once that make a young girl insecure. It’s literally a shame and even a waste of my breath and time to give this comment a thought. So to all my sisters and brothers out there with so called ‘frizzy or bad hair’. You are wonderfully made and should wear your hair unapologetically like the crown it represents. Slay, you were born to be a queen/king! So be “The” beauty standard everybody has to live up to. Not the other way around.