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Get to know Blacker Dread

Being Blacker is a documentary about the well known man from Brixton; Blacker Dread. Known in Brixton because of his record shop Blacker Dread Muzik Store, which is a safe haven for the Afro-Caribbean community in South London.

This personal film takes us inside Blacker’s life. Sharing very intimate phases of his life, like coping with the death of his mother, with the possibility of going to jail and his view on life in the UK? Or how do you deal with people wanting to touch your dreads? You can see a snippet of that answer in the video down below.

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The documentary is praised by the critics. Saying the film is made with intimacy and warmth by filmmaker Molly Dineen. Feel free to judge for yourself Being Blacker was aired on Monday March 12 on BBC 2.