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How Inside Circle saved Eldra Jackson’s life

Leading up to the Talkshow: Black men don’t cry. We are sharing interesting videos, articles and facts about the subject. This time it’s an interesting TedTalk about toxic masculinity by Eldra Jackson. A man who was serving a life in prison sentence and discovered his real and vulnerable side during his time in prison by joining a group known by the inmates as “hug a thug” but Eldra set his pride aside and eventually became the man he is today.

“My desire is for them to understand that being a man is not some machismo caricature and that characteristics usually defined as weakness are parts of the whole healthy man.”

“Inside Circle is an organization that empowers system impacted people to lead change from within by providing opportunities for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people to heal and serve both themselves and others.”

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Another great read is this article about ex-convicts who also shared their experience with Inside Circle.