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Rapper Boef breaking records with personal song

We can’t ignore this force anymore. It seems that whatever rapper Boef touches turns into gold. Setting the bar very high within the Dutch music industry. Fresh from his kechies (easily translated as bitches) controversy it seems that Algerian Frenchman Sofiane Boussaadia(yes y’all he might rap in Dutch but this guy is the ownership of the French nationality) is calculating his return to the music very well. Releasing an apology kinda song where he addresses the kechies controversy where he called the women who helped him in a time of need bitches.

In his newest song Boef talks about his early life. How he grew up without his parents and his uncle and aunt taking care of him at an early age. Choosing the criminal path when growing up and seeing the woman who took care of him, his aunty struggle with cancer. The song is very personal and give the people who didn’t know him very well a slight insight of his life back in the day before he was a record-breaking artist.

At the moment the video for the song has garnered 3 million views in just 5 days. But it broke YouTube records in the Netherlands with over 1.2 million views in just one day. Besides that he broke a record on Spotify. In just 24 hours the song got 680.000 streams.

Boef is planning to release his newest album later this year.