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YAAASSSS!! Women across Saudi Arabia now have the chance to legally drive a car. A longstanding policy that has become a global symbol of the oppression towards women in the ultra conservative kingdom.

Up until September 2017, Saudi Arabia was unique in being the only country in the world where women were forbidden to drive motor vehicles. Saudi Arabia’s laws require women to seek male permission for various decisions and actions, which extended to the ban on women driving.

Let’s hope this decision is a positive step towards women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. Saudi leaders hope that the new policy will help the economy by increasing women’s participation in the workplace. Up until now many working Saudi women spend much of their salaries on drivers or have to be driven to work by male relatives, which might seem nice but hey it’s also a waste of time. We all know time is money this days.

This is a great development in the Saudi history and I am happy that all the effort and hard work the woman driving movement did finally pay off. Brave women like Manal al-Sharif, Lujain al-Hathloul, Hala al-Dosari and all the others who defied the ban should be credited with being in the driver’s seat for this victory for Saudi women’s rights.

Equal means Equal! And we women will always fight and support each other all over the world to accomplish this.

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