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Soufiane Moussouli shining on his Parade

This one is for the Dutch locals, listen up! Feel like supporting up and coming local artists, go check out De Parade. A traveling theater festival which already had its start last week in Rotterdam. One of the guys to look out for is, Soufiane Moussouli. His name might sound familiar, Soufianne was a guest during the last Alkebulan Talkshow where he shared his thoughts on the topic Mind, Body & Soul.

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Trailer: Gelukszoeker


During the Parade Soufianne will be performing his piece Gelukszoeker (which translates to Happiness seeker, it sounds so much better in English) a word used in the Netherlands for people coming to the Netherlands (or any Western country for that matter) who hope and work for a better way of life. This is also the case with Soufianne’s cousin which he wrote this piece about. Wanna know how that worked out for him, go check out his performance in Utrecht from July 27th till August 4th. Go buy your tickets fast, cause all of his shows in Rotterdam were sold out.


The Parade festival will still visit The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam. Other performances who are worth checking out are ZEP: Escape Room, Arawi: Nadia and Deelder & Van der Lek.