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The Search for African countries on Spotify

An ear worm. According to Wikipedia: ‘an catchy piece of music that continuously repeats through your mind after it is no longer playing’. As you can imagine, this can be very annoying. At least I was. Especially when I kept on humming and had no idea what the song was.

When I got back from my holiday in Morocco, I realized I was suffering from an ear worm. But I had this genius idea. I happened to sit behind my laptop so I decided to do some research on Spotify. I checked the charts, since I heard this song all over the place in Morocco, I figured that this song would be the biggest summer hit in Morocco. So I started looking for it in top 10 of the Moroccan music charts. I searched carefully but I couldn’t find anything like a Moroccan chart.

Top 50
Just to explain, Spotify has a chart section on the app with the Global Top 50 and even a Top 50 per country. Amazing right? Think about it, if you’ve been on holiday somewhere and you would like to enjoy the music that you heard over there it is possible to do so. If the country you went to is included, that is.

Because unfortunately Morocco wasn’t one of the countries that had their own chart. A large part of Europe did. Just like countries in Latin America, Asia and of course the USA. What striked me the most whilst looking through the charts, was the fact that not one African country or Arab speaking country was represented. Strange.

I can only see great value to see also these parts of the world represented in the global charts by Spotify. I mean, if I can swing my hips tot the number one song of Estonia, than I would like to have that same opportunity for the number one of Nigeria or Morocco.

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Asma Lmnawar
As for my earworm: I sent my cousin in Morocco a voicenote of me humming the song. Couple of minutes later I finally had the answer. It was Asma Lmnawar with her song Andou Zine. It was this catchy pop song that was stuck in my head. I hope I’ll be able sing a long to the words of the song on November 23rd when Asma Lmnawar will be performing live at the Koninklijke Concertgebouw Amsterdam during the Turning East Festival.

And maybe I’ll be able to find her songs soon in the Top 50 of Morocco on Spotify soon. Until then, I’ll be sending humming voicenotes to my cousins and friends.



*sidenote, my view is based on the Dutch version of Spotify. It may be possible that in other countries it is possible to find the charts that I’m missing.