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It’s time for Ghana to wake up! First, read why Kwame Write made this political message clear in a song, then listen to the song and start pushing for Change!

‘Wanna Mama’ is a call on all citizens of Ghana and the continent’s (Ghana’s mama) inhabitants to push for the best and connect with the aim to solve their own problems, without reliance on the so-called leaders, who have failed massively in terms of regional integration, economic and infrastructural development, etc.

As projected more vividly with Martin Luther King Jr’s quote; “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy,” we as artists seek to portray the state of the nation and explore possible measures to tackle this death-fall.

Since kwame write released Public Verses Announcement EP, enthusiasts have been calling for more, especially as they realized he had the flair for rap aside poetry recitals.

It gets realer since kwame write features one of Ghana’s most renowned musicians with a solid sense of social consciousness and activism; the one and only wanlov kubolor from fokn bois’ duo.

You’ll likely keep this tune on repeat and allow yourself to be carried away and sizzled by the fast paced long syllable rhyming and positive content, But do share as well.

Amidst the flooding in the capital, power outages(dumsor), water shortages, demolition of housing without properly planned relocations, we bring you#wannamama so that as you listen keenly, you’re motivated to push for change!