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Donald Glover better known by his stage name ‘Childish Gambino’ dropped this weekend a dope ass

thought-provoking music video titled ‘This Is America’. I strongly believe that this music video is one of

the best video’s made in 2018. The visuals contain quit graphic images but have also a good vibe and

beat. Donald literally goes from a sweet tune to shooting someone carelessly in the head. He

even takes it a step further and guns down a whole gospel choir. It’s amazing how he perfectly thought

about every single detail. After the first killing, you see him pretty much showing of his dance moves

and children happily running and dancing around him, while in the next he shoots the gospel choir and

like its nothing he keeps on dancing. Because in reality this is how it goes. Just like he raps in his

video, in reality police is tripping and gunning down innocent civilians for no reason. Guns are

unlawfully being carried around by madmen, but no one is lifting a finger. All this systematic issues are

being avoided and ignored. If you pay attention to the background you will see that there is so much

going on. ‘Don’t catch you slippin’ now’, but hey ‘We just wanna party’ right? Donald is definitely

arising awareness in this music video. Reality is indeed unjust and unfair, but either way we need to

face it.


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