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We can all learn from this Nigerian beauty facing her fears

Do you need some courage to get you through this week. Or you need to put life in perspective. In that case this video will give you the right amount of good vibes.

We all have crushes and so does this young lady, Shalon Blac. A popular online influencer who has already gone viral before by using her make up skills to mask her injuries she had as result of a burn accident as a child. Going through life she already tried to face her fears by challenging herself to go outside make up free for example. But she is taking a bigger step and even involving her followers into her journey starting a new segment on her YouTube channel “Facing My Fears” and boy did she face them. For the first episode Shalon asked her crush Justice Cook, also an online influencer whom she met only twice before, to take her make up and wig off. The courage to ask that of your crush in beyong imagination. Personnaly speaking I can’t even look my crush right into his eyes without giggling like a 13 year old let alone being so open about my insecurities. So to see this lady facing her fears it is giving people like me courage. The beauty this woman possess is beyond words to describe. It teaches me that life is to precious to live in your own insecurities. We all have them, for some they are maybe visible like scars. But that doesn’t stop a person like Shalon from following her dreams.

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You might find the video too long. In that case skip the first 10 minutes for the action to take place. But watching the whole ordeal will make you fall in love with this couple hoping they will eventually too <3