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BHM: Meet the richest man ever

Who is the richest person ever? When asked this question you might think about Bill Gates or whoever reigns at the top Forbes richest list. But according to most likely Mansa Musa was the richest person in history.

Mansu (King) Musa was the ruler of West Africa’s Malian Empire. Mostly known for his pilgrimage to Mecca, a journey that was prepared in details bringing along his caravan with his entourage of people and animals and the finest gold and silk.

But not only was Musa known for his entourage he was mainly known for his generosity, there are many stories of Musa giving away gold to the poor.

Mansu Musa used most of his wealth to build mosques and universities, the most famous one being Djinguereber mosque in Timbuktu.

Mansa Musa’s wealth is believed to have been around $400 billion. Musa has reigned for 25 years and died in 1337. Leaving his legacy to his son Maghan I.