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The lack of Black History in the mainstream media

February is known as Black History Month, although not everyone is familiar with this month since it is mostly a month celebrated in the United States. But as of late more and more countries for example in Europe are seeing a growing number of people of African descent claiming this month to celebrate and remember their black history.

In the video above, which comes from a Belgian news segment, a variety of people explain what BHM means to them. A feeling of joy and proudness is shared but also the sad feeling of lack of exposure in the media about not only this month but also the lack of teaching black history in the educational system. Zakoya Wandoloh even pleads instead of a black history month there should be more of a black history curriculum in schools and elsewhere to learn more about the relations between Africa and Belgium.

But let’s not forget, when talking about black history there is more to this story than colonialism as Sandrine Ekofo stated in the video. For example, shining light on very important philosophers like Cheikh Antha Diop. And if the name doesn’t sound familiar we encourage you to do your own research.

If you would like to see the video, it is in Flemish but on YouTube you have the ability to translate the video to English.