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The Golden Boy is back

Last night Moroccan fighter Badr Hari made his comeback in the ring fighting and wining against Hesdy Gerges (The Netherlands).

Building up to the fight Badr seemed very much in shape and was ready to show the world his ability but so was Hesdy. Let’s not forget these two share unfinished business as they fought each other in 2010. Resulting in to a win for Hesdy because Badr got disqualified for kicking Hesdy when he was already down and ignoring the referee. So this rematch was the talk of the town. Will Hesdy take his revenge on Badr or will Badr show the world that he is a force to be reckoned with?

The fight was played out in the 3 rounds, during the last round both men seemed tired but eventually Badr Hari kept scoring points which resulted into a win by unanimously decision.

During the victory speech Badr Hari took the time to show love to Morocco, The Netherlands, Italy, America, Porto Rico and restated “But I love Morocco the most”.
The crowd in the sold out Ahoy cheered Badr on. But some fans also started to shout “Rico”. It’s just a matter of time when that match will be planned. But the fans are (im)patiently waiting for that revenge!