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Head Coach Aliou Cissé seems to have made peace with the historical elimination of Senegal at the World Cup on Thursday-evening.

“This is one of the rules at the World Cup and we have to respect that”, said Cissé at his press conference in the Samara Arena. “We would rather have been eliminated in a different way, but this is how it works and we knew that beforehand, and I am very proud of my team anyway.”

Senegal unfortunately fell just short of making it to the knockout stage of the 2018 World Cup, losing to Colombia 1-0. Japan also lost its final match in that group stage with 1-0. Leaving Japan and Senegal tied in points, point differential, and goals scored. But then the difference in the yellow cards. Japan took two yellow cards less in the three group matches and that meant the elimination of Senegal. FOR REAL THO? Maybe Cissé might have found his peace with it, but I know I have not. I mean it’s not good to have too many yellow cards, but to what extent were the cards even given fairly? The VAR should really open its eyes. How many times have there been given undeserved yellow cards in this World Cup or should I say how many cards are not given when this should have been the case.

It’s unfortunate!! BUT thank you Senegal! We have enjoyed you immensely. May we meet again at the next World cup!