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Mocro Maffia the next binge watch series to look forward to

This is a PSA: This alert goes out to anyone in the Netherlands. Did you set your alarms for October 11 cause that is the day to be hooked on the next series: Mocro Maffia. A story about 3 friends who started out with petty crimes but eventually got themselves involved with the heavy hitters of the druglords of Amsterdam.

The series is inspired by the heavy underground druggang wars in the Netherlands which has mostly Amsterdam hit with young men being murdered and attacked even in broad daylight. Of course this is not something to be glamorized. And any similarities of the series to actual true events is a coincidence the makers stated. But that is maybe why everyone is looking out for this series. A very intriguing world (the drugs maffia) we know nothing about. A world where even the codes that were once sacred before which are being broken by the new savage generation.

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