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#RepresentationMatters An impressive statement made by 30 successful black men

How a picture of 30 black men all dressed as dapper dons is making a statement all across the Netherlands and beyond. Initiator Gershwin Bonevacia is a writer himself and upon growing up he was not so sure whether this careerpath was the one to follow. He never met or heard of anyone who looked just like him. That’s why he wants to make a statement with this picture. All these men are successful within their own career paths and are trying to inspire the next generation of black kids growing up.

Gershwin shared his vision for the picture: “We are doing this because of necessity to empower black men. To make them visible young black boys will grow up with the believe that they can be more than a football player or a rapper, but also a realtor, physiotherapist or make-up artist.”

We sure do applaud all these men for following their dreams and using their voice to make a statement. We believe that Representation does matter and its a necessity.

By the way, did you know the picture is made by one of our favorite photographers Les Adu. Check out his instagram feed for some interesting and colorful pictures.