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New Music Alert: Narcy ft Mashrou Leila – Time

The Iraqi-Canadian rapper Narcy released his latest single called ‘Time’ in collaboration with the Lebanese indie rockband Mashrou Leila.

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In the song Narcy shares his life lessons so far and even mixes the voice of his grandfather giving him fatherly advise on life.It also gives major shout outs to the hiphop culture Narcy grew up on, Notorious B.I.G. Wu-Tang just to name a few. A real hip hop head would in an instant unravel all the references.

But not only is the song a great one to add to your playlist. Upon watching the videos you will feel like buying a ticket to the Middle East. The beauty of Lebanon scenery and of these well styled Arab men will give you a feeling to maybe finally explore the beuaty that is called the Middle East beyond for example Dubai.

Narcy about the video: “I felt it’s my responsibility as a video director to share culture and landscape in its glory and beauty for once. If I am going to have the space to share my vision, it has to be new and fresh, I want people to love where we are from and who we are. The song is so personal and was a healing force amidst the death of my paternal grandfather. It is a dedication to love lost and love left. The video is more of a celebration of Arab men, which hardly ever happens, and a celebration of our natural beauty in the Arab World”