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RUDY’S WEDNESDAY BOOKDAY – A self-help book to become a social justice warrior

A few days ago I was tempted into a discussion online. Some hotep was being a bigot by hating on a black man for supporting the LGBTQ+ community. After reading his very disturbing comments, I felt a rush going through my body and decided I would set this man straight! I ended up ruining my Sunday by going back and forth with someone who I shouldn’t have paid attention to. This man was a posterboy for trolling….but how could I have known?

‘Well, That Escalated Quickly’ is Franchesca Ramsey’s way of making sure we don’t end up angry and distressed on a daily basis while fighting to good fight.

You might know her from her viral video’s Shit White girl Say to Black Girls or her hit show on MTV ‘ Decoded’ or maybe you said some ignorant shit and she called you out in the time she was the Call-out Queen. Either way after she posted SWGSTBG she turned into an overnight YouTube sensation. In her book she talks about the fuck-up’s, the need to call shit out and the trolls, so many trolls. Let me tell you, if I had this book before I started calling out this ignorant bastard online, I would have been the baddest social justice warrior while keeping my sanity.


For example in one of the first chapters Ramsey explains how she fell into the ‘hero’ job of calling people out. Before she knew it, she was getting the online equivalent of James Gordon’s bat signals (#comicbookreference). People left and right started to tag her when they saw injustice. Until she accidentally called-out the wrong company and had to retract her comments. Yep, shit actually can go wrong, real quick….

I think Amanda Seales said it right in an episode of The Small Dosis: “You can be Woke and still be sleepwalking at the same time.”

We’re not perfect plus we got a shitload to learn every day! That’s what this book is about. Francesca compiled a list full of her mistakes and put it in a book, but also added the teachable moments she got out of it. Hopefully we, the social justice warriors in the making, learn from her mistakes, so that we can all do better in this crazy online world and be the robin to her batman.


Get your copy of “ Well, That Escalated Quickly” at my favourite bookstore – The American Book Center – or online where ever you get your books.

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