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Theresa May today revealed that Donald Trump told her she should sue the EU in order to deliver Brexit. The Prime Minister revealed the explosive private advice the US president gave her as they held private talks. But she laughed off the proposals and said that instead she has engaged the EU with negotiations and come up with a deal which delivers on Brexit. Appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show today, she was quizzed on what the private advice actually was.

She said: ‘He told me that I should sue the EU. Not go into negotiation, sue them! Actually no. We are going into negotiations with them.’

May came under sustained criticism from Brexiters following the publication of the long-awaited white paper. Her Brexit strategy, among other things, has led to Brexit Minister David Davis and Boris Johnson, Minister of Foreign Affairs, resigning.

Thursday May presented her vision for the Brexit in a white paper. In this papers she decided that the free movement of goods and persons will be mainly intact and that an agreement between standards for food and other EU goods has been made. May said that this is a deal that has benefits.


Our companies will abide by these rules anyway, keeping a frictionless border meant that jobs will be protected, in protects the Northern Ireland order. It is not negotiable that freedom of movement will end. It is non-negotiable that we are coming out of the customs union it’s non-negotiable that we will end jurisdiction of the European court of justice .’


As may told the world which ‘suggestion’ Trump gave her she added:

‘I recognize there are many people watching this program and the millions who voted leave, who feel passionately about leaving the EU. There are many people who voted from the heart to leave the EU. But my job as the Prime Minister is to deliver for them but to be hard-headed and to deliver it in a way that protects the best interest of the UK.’

Hmm… wouldn’t that be not leaving the EU? What do you think? Let us know!