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Issa Rae has been winning the game for some time now. Her show Insecure speaks on dating while black and the many problems people of color face in any kind of environment. Also, it is just 20+ minutes of fun! Soonish, the superstar is dropping two new shows, a black 90210-esque drama called Sweet Life and Him or Her, which focuses on dating life of a bisexual black man. Of course people had opinions

She said in an interview with deadline: ” I remember just being pissed all day. Sometimes you live in a bubble, you live in a liberal bubble where you think that everyone is open, and in my eyes progressive in a way where there are so many human experiences, black experiences, gender experiences. There are so many stories to tell. The fear that a story like that would be told when it’s the story of so many other people is just absolutely ridiculous. The censorship and the idea that black men can’t be all things and still be black men is just absurd, it is.


Same girl,same.

To the black community and especially the men that are hating. You can’t be “exclusive” with this shit. Just as we want to be accepted for who we are, we need to accept that not all men or women are just like you. There are multi faceted black men and not to forget women in this too. For years we have fought for representation and #Ourtimeisnow. We see shows like Luke Cage, Grownish and Insecure representing us, we finally have a platform! However, we usually see heterosexual relationships on TV. It is time to show more, to show that we are as inclusive as we say we are. Let every voice in our community be heard. Not just your basic values of what should be or should not be.

Issa Rae, WE SALUTE YOU! We should be celebrating her for showcasing a more positive and much broader image of black men, because guess what: some men, some black men to be exact, are part of the LGBTQ+ community. THATS RIGHT, NOW GET OVER IT!

Telling all types of stories, straight, gay, trans, whatever it is. It’s not an experience that I have. But, I want to see all kinds of stories. We’re just scratching the surface, and there’s plenty of voices beyond me that are going to do that anyway.” – Issa Rae