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10.000 people marched in remembrance of Marielle Franco

On Wednesday March 14th politician Marielle Franco was gunned down along with her chauffeur.

Marielle Franco was a hero in her country Brazil. A symbol for the fight against racism, sexism, homophobia and even police terror. Always standing up for equal rights. In fact, hours before she got murdered she was speaking on an event about the position of black women.

Marielle was loved for many reasons. She not only stood up for the less fortunate. But she was part of this community. Being raised in one of the toughest favela’s of Rio de Janeiro.

Ever since her best friend got murdered by a so-called lost bullet. She made it her life’s mission to end the war on the streets. The day before her murder she tweeted “How many more need to die before the war ends?”.

According to the latest research. Marielle was deliberately targeted.