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Using instagram for a week as a challenge, will she like it?

Can we ignore social media? Is it possible to live your life without the likes and comments online by friends and strangers you’ve never met but feel connected to?

Joey, the young woman portrayed in this mini-series #TheSheWord by the BBC, will surprise you.
As a 24 year old young student living her best life in Nairobi, Kenya. She never had the urge to be part of the social media culture. But she is willing to try out the social media life for a week. Joey will be partnered up with the popular reality tv star Glamour Pamm, who is all about the instagram life.

Fake Me: Living for likes, is a very interesting look inside the life and mind of a young woman trying to find her place on instagram. How at first a confident woman is forced to confront her insecurities. Something a lot of us men and women going through online.

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